interproa - - - - this site is to have a sailing basis for vf proas -

where anyone can build his vfp - or have build - store it - and sail it from -
so if you know some place on this planet - where there is an interested population - a lot on the water for sale - contact -

do you dare being different among the crowd of sailers ?

do you want to sail equally both directions ? - do you want to have total safety ?

being able to manuever under sails alone ? - never getting stack while coming about ?

because the wind is always an the same side ! no need to change your place - ever ! have ultimate comfort while underway ? - with the self compensating vector fin - no wallowing while at anchor ? do you want to learn how to sail these boats among others who are different by design ? do you want to build one for yourself or with others --------- is the international site ----- are the technic pages -
if you are interested in design - see -
if you want to know how it came to be -

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